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Our advisory services work collaboratively with customer organisations to design the road map for future competitiveness.

We assist with business and technology strategy, process re-engineering, analytic model development, system and model validation, and business risk assessment.

Utilising an industry-standard approach, our Advisory services provide best in class consulting capabilities from strategy, IT, system change to programme & risk management, with key focus on digital, analytics & cybersecurity opportunities.

 Application Management

Rector Technologies Application Management service focuses on 24/7 application maintenance and production support. Rector Technologies have a structured knowledge transition framework to take over a portfolio of IT applications from an existing vendor and/or in-house staff.

Our application management framework is based on bringing productivity improvement through root cause analysis and continuous improvement.

By outsourcing your application management to Rector Technologies, it allows our customers improve their IT resources while focusing on more strategic initiatives.


Pro-active management of your organisation’s business processes helps improve efficiency, optimise operations & reduce costs. Rector Technologies Business Process Improvement (BPI) solutions will help you analyse, model, execute & improve your business processes.  BPI underpins efficient automation across your organisation by:

- Defining enterprise-wide business processes  
- Integrating legacy systems with new technologies  
- Refining existing solutions into new standards-compliant & process-aware Products
Rector Technologies BPI solutions help support continuous improvement by allowing your firm to manage entire processes from a holistic perspective. In defining, managing & accelerating processes, your organisation eliminates bottlenecks & improves productivity.

 Business Analysis

Increasing industry complexity and regulation requires functional experts with deep sector knowledge and strong analytical skills to assess business-critical data, processes and systems.  

We are able to deliver the following:
- Business Case
- User Requirements
- System Analysis
- Benefits Realisation
- Marketing Approach
- Sales Solutions
- Process Excellence

  Data Management

Effective control of the Financial & Customer data driving your organization is imperative for revenue growth, operational efficiency, increased customer base & regulatory compliance.

Our experience in the risk and compliance value proposition gives us the ability to consistently gather, normalise and present data using a wide range of analytics to:

- Improve efficiencies and achieve lower costs through economies of scale
- Provide timely delivery of accurate & high quality data
- Improve regulatory compliance while reducing operating risk

 High Availability

Disasters do happen; the systems underpinning your business do not have to stop when interruptions occur.Rector Technologies help evaluate, re-engineer and implement robust business continuity processes, systems & network services necessary to keep your IT systems & networks in operation.

Rector Technologies supports your organisation in designing the right strategy & implementing effective solutions to maintain access to your systems & information in the event of a disaster.

Using scenario-based planning strategies supported by tailored tactical execution, Rector Technologies offers customisable business continuity & professional services to suit your unique requirements.

 Managed Services

Rector Technologies offers a range of cost effective services that encompass hosting, software solution delivery, including project management, business analysis, custom application development and service management.

As organisations face challenges in managing their IT infrastructure while reducing costs, it becomes much more cost effective to gain access to best in class tool sets, hardware, software and even niche technology experts by only paying for what you use. 

 Risk and Regulatory

Legal and regulatory requirements are changing.  Compliance and risk management are moving to the top of the agenda.

Our credit, market and operational risk specialists help organisations design and build risk technology and/or processes across diverse regulatory environments.  

We understand the business and technology issues involved.

 Staff Augmentation

Rector Technologies provides skilled technical & business personnel that work under customer direction to develop, maintain, manage and support mission-critical business applications. 

Our consultants’ extensive domain knowledge and specialist IT skills can augment organisations’ in-house resources.

We can support you on or off-site.

  Workflow Management

Effectively tracking and managing the data flow through your organisation can help save time and reduce manual processes. Rector Technologies design and implement workflow and business processing solutions which captures, consolidates and archives all incoming data and documents, maintaining them in centralised databases.

Workflow Management helps track how data circulates through your organisation, providing reports on your organisation’s workflow. The insights you gather from these reports can help your organisation increase operational efficiencies.